Salmon on a Cedar plank

These two videos show how easy it is to grill Salmon on a Cedar plank. In the first video by Weber, all of the grilling is done on the plank. Mike recommends “skin off” for maximum contact with the Cedar for maximum flavour – this is fine but slightly more work. In the second video, … Continue reading

Salt Plate Grilling

Salt Plate Grilling can be done indoors, in the kitchen or at the table with your guests. You can heat the Salt Plate using a stove (gas is good), an oven or a Barbecue – just be sure to heat it slowly or it may crack. Watch the video to see how it’s done… Now … Continue reading

The Perfect Steak

The Perfect Steak has always been the quest of True Master Barbecuers. Aussie Grilling Planks consulted Award-winning Chefs and Food Scientists to discover the key methods and ingredients to grill the Perfect Steak. Let us say from the outset that there is no magic formula. You need to learn and apply some fundamental concepts – and if you do then … Continue reading