BBQ Tools: Choosing a Barbecue

The variety of Barbecues available makes selecting a BBQ a fun experience. Regardless whether you call it a BBQ, Barbie or a Barbecue,  the variety of Barbecues available makes shopping for a Barbecue a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The $500 question is, which type of BBQ one is right for you? Charcoal BBQs are the original … Continue reading

BBQ Tools: Portable Smokeless Barbecue

This Portable BBQ is a BRILLIANT idea. It is Portable and convenient and Smokeless. If you love BBQ but don’t like the mess, the Lotus Portable BBQ solves the problem – watch the video to see how they did it.If you live in a unit or you want to BBQ all year round, this product is perfect – take a look … Continue reading

BBQ Tips: Prevent Knuckleburn

BBQ Tips: Tongs should have long handles! When looking for barbeque tongs the best option is to look for tongs with long handles. Of all the BBQ tools that you will need, tongs are certainly the most used and it is worthwhile getting a good pair that gives you pleasure everytime you use them. Apart from length, … Continue reading