Prevent Flare-up

Let’s say you have been soaking steak in marinade for several hours. If the marinade contains ingredients such as tomato sauce (which contains sugar), then marinade-infused meat may catch alight over an open flame and turn into a burnt offering! There are several ways to prevent flare-up, including: Check the sugar content of marinade ingredients. … Continue reading

Keep BBQ clean

When it comes to BBQ cleaning, there are two fundamentally different approaches that one can adopt: The ‘Keep it perfectly clean’ approach, or The ‘Burn-off’ approach Essentially you need to decide which you are more philosophically in tune with. Ideally,  keeping it perfectly clean is a wonderful BBQ idea and when you bring that brand … Continue reading

BBQ Tips: Never use petrol

Do not use petrol as a firelighter! There are a couple things you need to know about petrol: It vaporises very quickly When it vaporises the vapor is invisible Petrol vapor is heavier than air and settles on the ground, spreading out about a meter high It is highly flammable! If you use petrol, you … Continue reading

Plank Grilling

These Plank Grilling instructions are included with all our products. Plank Grilling with wood planks will introduce your palate to a whole new range of savoury flavours with fish, veggies and meats. Subtle, smoky flavours are imparted by the smoking aromatic wood planks and meat is grilled to succulent perfection. It is also fun and … Continue reading

BBQ Tips: Prevent Knuckleburn

BBQ Tips: Tongs should have long handles! When looking for barbeque tongs the best option is to look for tongs with long handles. Of all the BBQ tools that you will need, tongs are certainly the most used and it is worthwhile getting a good pair that gives you pleasure everytime you use them. Apart from length, … Continue reading

BBQ Tips: Firelighter Smells

BBQ Tips: Firelighter Smells We would avoid chemical firelighters altogether. Products vary with some claiming ‘natural’ ingredients but one common component is Hexamine – originally used in compact solid fuel stoves. Apart from a pungent smell and flavour which is inconsistent with good cooking, the components and end products of firelighters are toxic pollutants. Avoid. If … Continue reading

BBQ Tips: Hot Spots

BBQ Tips: Hot Spots In the interests of cooking consistently well, your should be familiar with your BBQ hot spots and take them into consideration when determining grilling times and other considerations. On a charcoal barbeque it is pretty easy to see where the grill is going to be hottest and where relatively cooler spots … Continue reading

BBQ Tips: Reusing Planks

How many times can you reuse a BBQ plank? The answer is as many times as you like as long as the plank has not burned all the way through! If it is firm enough and there is enough surface left to place your food on, then it can be reused. There are advantages to … Continue reading