Election Day barbecue offer – North-Sydney Division only

Cedar Plank salmon
Grilling Salmon or Barramundi fillets, Kangaroo or Steak on Aussie Grilling planks infuses the food with a delicious smoky flavour.

Grilling is easy – Watch the video to see how it’s done.

Cedar planks were first used by American Indians to cook Salmon and Cedar grilling is still the best way to cook Salmon. Kangaroo or steak also taste great on cedar.

River redgum has been used by Aboriginals for thousands of years to cook Kangaroo – and Redgum is the best way to cook Kangaroo. Barramundi on redgum tastes amazing.

If you are a Chef, this will take your experience to a new level. If not, everyone will think that you are. Try it today!

Aussie Grilling Planks is based in Gladesville, so we can offer you a free pack of Grilling planks instead of postage:

  • If you order 2 packs of Red Cedar planks, we will include a pack of River redgum grilling planks for free.
  • Or order a single pack of River redgum grilling planks and we will include a pack of Red Cedar planks

Other products can be found at the Aussie-Grilling shop.

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