Salmon on a Cedar plank

These two videos show how easy it is to grill Salmon on a Cedar plank.

In the first video by Weber, all of the grilling is done on the plank. Mike recommends “skin off” for maximum contact with the Cedar for maximum flavour – this is fine but slightly more work.

In the second video, by Romy, the salmon is first grilled skin-down, directly on the grill itself and then transferred to the plank – the skin is left behind on the grill.

Our recommendations:

  • We prefer the method in the second video, pre-grilling the salmon with skin-down as it saves you the work and the salmon gets nicely charred as well. We do this with steak as well to get the Maillard reaction
  • We strongly suggest using refined olive oil. Extra-virgin olive oil has a low smoke point.
  • We would soak the Cedar planks for twice as long, at least 2 hours. If you are using River redgum, soak the planks for 4 hours.

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