The Great Debate: Salmon or Steak?

The debate over which tastes better on a Cedar Plank continues and there are many factors to be considered.

Lao Tzu (Chinese Philosopher, 604 BC – 531 BC) said that “A Journey of a Thousand miles begins with a single step”. Actually is it disputed that he said precisely that. For a start, it is unlikely that Tao’s distances were measured in miles but that is another debate.

Body Builders are interested in protein. Beef Steak and Salmon have almost exactly the same amount of proteinDieters may be interested in fat and calories and Salmon has only slightly less fat. But the jury is still out on whether fat is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ for your diet. If you have high blood pressure and want to avoid heart disease, firstly you should talk to your doctor but you may also be interested in new evidence that dietary problems are more likely to be from “cheap processed plant food” than from meat or fish.

So what is the bottom line?


If all else is equal, maybe it depends on taste. Our culinary experts considered this question and decided that it was a bipartisan issue. There is no debate. The perfect steak is good, the perfect salmon is good. There is no choice – you can try both!

The next question is whether BBQ Salmon or Steak tastes better on a stock-standard BBQ or Planked.

We will leave this for you to decide for yourself – our starter pack contains free recipes for both Salmon and Kangaroo steak. Try it!


If you purchase 2 packs (hint: one for Steak and one for Salmon) then you pay postage only once.

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