BBQ Tools: Choosing a Barbecue

The variety of Barbecues available makes selecting a BBQ a fun experience. Regardless whether you call it a BBQ, Barbie or a Barbecue,  the variety of Barbecues available makes shopping for a Barbecue a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The $500 question is, which type of BBQ one is right for you?

Kettle Barbecue

Charcoal BBQs are the original Barbecue and may be right for you if you are a Barbecue purist. Kettle barbecues may be best for Plank grilling since they have a lid and you can normally raise or lower the grill to adjust the heat. Heat beads are a convenient fuel for Charcoal BBQs because they burn longer and more evenly. Allow more time for charcoal BBQs – up to 45 minutes to allow the coal to burn white hot.

Gas Barbecue

Gas barbecues are quicker and easier than charcoal. A push of a button and you can start cooking in just a few minutes. The bars above the burners heat up and act in the same way as charcoal but with greater control of the temperature. Contrary to belief and despite many a lively debate, there is no difference in taste between gas and charcoal barbecues and the adjustability of gas means that it’s easier to cook food evenly and with less risk of burning. After use, there is no charcoal ash to dispose of, and the bars are low maintenance. Multiple burners and side burners allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures.


Electric Barbecues are compact, convenient and controllable – and smokeless for indoor use and if you have a power source and are under cover. Plus, you’ll never run out of gas.


Smokeless Stovetop Barbecues let you barbecue all year round indoors.


At the other end of the technology spectrum, if you like camping you can grill a gourmet steak on simple grid sitting atop a campfire. Nothing beats a superb steak grilled under the stars on a campfire griddle washed down with red wine in the company of good friends.

If you like the best of both worlds, have a look at the Portable Smokeless BBQ

Lids and hoods. If you are going to do Plank Grilling you must have a lid or a hood to barbecue. Lids also act as windbreaks and are useful for roasting. Quality Barbecues have an optional or standard hood which incoporates a thermometer so you can roast meat or a whole chicken.

What type of BBQ is best?

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