Cedar Planks originate from the North-West of America where Indian tribes used Cedar planks to grill salmon, protecting meat from the fire and flames and infusing the Salmon with fabulous flavours.

Cedar Plank salmon

Salmon on cedar

Grilling chefs across North America and Canada recommend using Cedar Planks and Cedar Plank Grilling as the ultimate way to grill salmon. Salmon on Cedar is an easy way to dramatically lift your BBQ cooking skills and make a major impression on your friends.

Cedar plank grilling is very easy – simply purchase a Western Red Cedar Starter pack and follow the ‘Simple and versatile’ recipe which is included.

Plank grilling can be done on your gas barbecue, you charcoal barbecue or on a sophisticated Ceramic BBQ such as a Kamado cooker – all you need is a BBQ with a cover. Simply soak the Cedar Planks in water and follow the included instructions. Thousands of people have tried Cedar Plank grilling but you could be first amongst your friends. People will be amazed at the flavour of your Salmon so be prepared for the accolades!

Cedar Plank Grilling is also a wonderful way to grill the perfect steak. Modern BBQ chefs in the US and Canada also agree that grilling steak on a Cedar Plank is one of the great Gourmet experiences of life.

Delight your friends and buy your Western Red Cedar starter pack, follow the free included Simple and Versatile Recipe and then grill a Planked Cedar steak. The delicious smoky flavours will make your Barbecue memorable occasion  for your friends.

If you have never experienced BBQ Plank Grilling before, watch the video to see how it’s done:

If you have tried Cedar Plank Grilling and want to progress to sharing the delight with your guests,  then you might like to try Cedar Planked Kangaroo or Cedar Planked Salmon. We have posted several Barbecue recipes for your enjoyment.

If you are a Seasoned ‘Master Barbecuer’, you will reach a whole new culinary level with Cedar Grilling Planks. Grilling Planks enable you to achieve a better BBQ Smoking result on a standard Gas Barbecue and in less time than using a Barbecue Smoker costing thousands of dollars. Try It!

Feel free to browse around our site – we have BBQ Tips, and BBQ Recipes and also a page on how to choose a BBQ. Have fun!

Salt Plates

Himalayan Pink Salt is 250 million years old and originates from the Himalayan mountains.

Grilling on a pink salt plate sears and browns the proteins of the steak and melts the fat, while the salt dehydrates the surface and seasons the meat. The taste is amazing.

BBQ Salt Plates can be reused many times over as long as you clean them gently (never use soap). Try one now.

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